Commodities business through centuries attracted adventurous types, eager to make a fortune on shipments of essential raw materials from fringes of the civilized world to its industrial centers.

Commodities trading now and before very much depended on the intimate knowledge of the places of origin in commercial, political and social sense. Email exchange cannot replace discussion over the shared dinner with your business partners. Putting your feet’s on the ground can add invaluable insights into the way you perceive given market. Only by being far away from your desk you can fully understand your supply chain and determine possible improvements.

Besides, don’t we all need good stories to tell our grandchildren or at least to entertain that gorgeous blond at the cocktail party?

With Commodities Adventures, you will explore so called “teapot” refineries in China, visit minor metals smelters in Vietnam, be one of the firsts to unearth market opportunities in Myanmar and.. it is only a beginning…

Each of expeditions organized by Commodities Adventures is unique. Pack-up for business trip of your lifetime!